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The idea of “MHS” was born already in 2015 within Diagona, MHS was our working name until the end of 2018 when we submitted a trademark registration for the name CASAI.

CASAI stands for Communication, Assistance, Structure and Artificial Intelligence.

During my tenure as a quantity regulator during the last 10 years, I have worked with varied and exciting assignments, in mixed roles. I have been on the Contractor’s side and regulated against the Client. I have sat on the Client’s Assignment and checked the Contractor’s quantity withdrawal. I have sat with the Subcontractor and regulated against the Entrepreneur who has subsequently regulated towards the Client.

Through my experience in these types of assignments, I have gained a holistic perspective as to why the quantity control process can sometimes be difficult to handle.

  • During my years as a quantity regulator, I have met with clients who have really worried about the quantity control part within the assignments, this was simply an anxiety factor in many cases.
  • I also know of some Entrepreneurs who have gone bankrupt because they have not had sufficient control and structure of the quantity control process.
  • Many times it can get messy when the project members are sitting with different versions of excel sheets, it is mailed cross and between each other. Sometimes you forget to put a party in the copy, etc.
  • Uncommunicated expectations on how the verification documents should be reported and on which codes these should be reported.
  • Lack of traceability of communication and verification documents.

Based on these experiences, the idea was born of a platform that would solve the above mentined problems.

I have therefore designed CASAI together with a group of experts within Diagona AB and industry experts from both Client and Contractor organizations.

Through this project group we have now developed a product that will solve the difficulties in the quantity control process.

We have developed a cloud-based application that is completely superior to what the market offers today.

We have designed the workflows in the system to minimize the time between submitted code and approved code. With CASAI, you do not have to wait for the entire “quantity withdrawal” to be completed before you submit this to your counterparty for approval, calculation and review.

When you feel that a sufficient number of codes have been checked, you close the withdrawal and send the invoice. If some codes are left for review, you can choose whether to put them on a conto, delete or move on to the next withdrawal.

A smooth and efficient workflow creates better liquidity for the parties in the project.

If you sit at a control function at a larger Client then you usually have several projects that submit their documentation for review at the end of the month or at the beginning of the next month. If you work with a system like CASAI, which enables continuous review, your work environment, your results and your workload will be better.

CASAI offers integrated communication between the parties, avoiding unnecessary chain mails and eliminating the risk of important communication being lost.


Since workflows may look a little different depending on who is working in the system, we have chosen to design three usage models, all of which have slightly different workflows.

We have chosen to incorporate a comprehensive export functionality where we can export from CASAI all the data (verification documents, communication history, changes in BoQ etc.) and an excel formatted compilation document according to traditional layouts used in major infrastructure projects.

We are working to create innovation and digitize the industry together with Svensk Byggtjänst, therefore we have the opportunity to offer a functionality where we download AMA / MER / MOTIV literature directly from Svensk Byggtjänst’s website and present in our application with the content linked to the correct code and AMA- version. At present, it is required to have an AMA Online account in order to integrate CASAI and the Svensk Byggtjänst Services.

The purpose of CASAI is to create a better climate in the projects when it comes to the quantity control process. We want to give the parties the opportunity to have a better control and structure. We want to improve the parties’ cash flow within the projects. Managing the regulatory process will be more efficient and fun.

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David Söderström

David Söderström

CEO, Diagona AB
Product owner CASAI
070 241 48 43

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